13th April 2008:
[Mainstory] 12Battlegroup Updated, 2 new chapters
Enerinas Dawn, rewritten version uploaded, 6 Chapters

10th March 2008:
Modified a number of story index pages for ease of use - specifically wallpapers removed and replaced with simple textures, and replaced the story pages for 5CT - should be easier to read now.
[Mainstory] 12 Battlegroup - rewritten chapter 24 uploaded


30th Oct 07 -
fixed: discontinuity: indefatigable index page

22nd Oct 07 -
[Mainstory] 12 Battlegroup 3 new chapters
[Gatewar Interludes] 2 new

2nd April 07:
[Mainstory] 12Battlegroup 3 new chapters

26th November 06:
[Mainstory] 7 New Chapters

3rd June 06 -
[Mainstory] 12: Battlegroup, 4 new chapters
[Gatewar Interludes] new: 11Plagueworld II

11/04/06 -
7 Points & 7 Points 2: Colonial Thunder moved to seperate story indexes (Main Index updated accordingly)
Discontinuity & Dis: Indefatigable: As Above
[Mainstory] 12: Battlegroup, 4 new chapters
[Gatewar Interludes] 3 New Interludes Added
[Art] New Image Viper Mk 8
[Tech] New Page, Viper VIII & IX
[Tech] MGB Listing updated

04/03/06 -
Link Added: Dietcokechic
11 Disclosure 47-55 Added (Completed)
[Mainstory] 11 Disclosure Complete RTF uploaded.
[Mainstory] 12: Battlegroup, Index, prologue, chapters 1-3 added
[Backstory] Invisible War by Tyr_Sabare, index, prologue added
[Backstory] Red Line, Rewrite Uploaded [HTML/RTF]
[Tech] Page Updates: Paladin, Britannica, Dauntless, MTB, Prometheus, Sentinal, Lancers, Strikers, Battlestars, Tech Main, Edonia, F-302
[Tech] New Sub-page, Defensive Platforms
(Will list all standardised purely defensive platforms)
[Tech] Ship Listing for First Battlegroup Added

03/01/06 -
404.html added
11Disclosure 41-46 added

Update II:
[Mainstory] 3: Dauntless PDF added, Story Index Page Edited
FavIcon Added

27/10/05 -
[Mainstory] 11Disclosure 37-40 added
[Backstory] Chocky's Dawn, Final Two Chapters Uploaded plus Complete RTF

15/10/05 -
[Mainstory] 11Disclosure 33-36 added

21/09/05 -
[Mainstory] 11Disclosure 27-32 added
[Backstory] Chocky's Dawn 4-5 added

06/08/05 -
[Tech] Minor Updates to ship listings
Chockys Dawn added. Prologue to chapter 3
[Mainstory] 11Disclosure chapters 16to27 added

19/07/05 -
Link Added: Schlock Mercenery
[Gatewar Interludes]
Interludes 5-7 added
[Backstory] Strange Conclusions 22,23 Added (Completed)

11/06/05 -
[Mainstory] 11Disclosure chapters 11-15 added
[Gatewar Interludes] New Section!
[Gatewar Interludes] 4 Interludes added.
[Tech] Minor Updates all over the place...

[Mainstory] 11Disclosure chapters 4-11 added
[Backstory] Scrange Conclusions 20,21 added
[Tech] Updated Construction lists [TD/RB/MTB]
[Tech] Updated Active/Squadron Lists [MTB/Lancers/F-302/Prometheus/Dauntless]
[Tech] Added Edonia Station
[Tech] Re-organised main Tech page and added Type II,III defense satellite details

15/04/05 -
Fixed Pheonixverse Link
Added Thunderbird Link
[Mainstory] 10Dawning Alliance Completed: chapters 23,24 + Zipped RTF uploaded
[Mainstory] NEW: 11Disclosure Prologue to chapter 3 Added
[Backstory] Strange Conclusions 13 to 19 Uploaded

05/03/05 -
[Backstory] Strange Conclusions Chapters 6-12 Final Versions Uploaded
[Tech] Refitted Battlestar specs added.

01/03/05 -
Updated SG-1Awards Links, Changed Front Wallpaper, Added Title Banner to 'Link to Us' Section.
[ART] Improved MTB01&Martian Thunder Wallpapers Uploaded
[Tech] Ships Listings Updated for new Construction/Losses [Various Pages]
[Tech] Semtinal Refit Specs Uploaded
[Mainstory] 10 Dawning Alliance Chapters 16-22 added.
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder Chapter 41 Added [Complete]
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder Zipped RTF added.

30/01/05 -
Updated Contact Page
[Mainstory] 10 Dawning Alliance chapters 14,15 added
[Backstory] Strange Conclusions added, up to chapter 12
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder chapters 39,40 added

10/01/05 -
Site Navigation Changed - cascading menus removed, replaced with html index pages
Information sites page added
[Backstory] Discontinuity: Indefatigable chapters 4,5 added
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder chapters 37,38 added
[Mainstory] 10 Dawning Alliance chapters 12,13 added

30/12/04 -
[Tech] Ravenbright station, moved to own techspecs page and updated
[Tech] Brittanica: evilness over, its up for real now.
[Tech] Ships listing for Ha'tak class updated, Thundersdawn slips listing updated.
[Tech] MGB listing added
[Backstory] Discontinuity: Indefatigable Chapter 3 added.
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder, chapter 36 added.


11/12/04 -
[Mainstory] 10 Dawning Alliance chapters 8 to 11 added
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder Chapters 33 to 35 added

18/11/04 -
Cascading menu tweeked - Blastboat Tales shifted
Intro Flash Movie Replaced - Tweeked and Music Added
Wallpaper on main index page changed
Link updated [Personal archive] on Links page.
[Dramatis] MTB02 Cerberus added
[Dramatis] Illustrious added.
[Tech] Construction Slips listing added to Thundersdawn Page
[Mainstory] 10 dawning Alliance Chapter 7 added
[Backstory] Chapters 1&2 of Discontinuity: Indefatigable added to Discontinuity page
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder Chapters 29 to 32 added

02/11/04 -
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder Chapters 24 to 28 added
[Mainstory] 10 Dawning Alliance Chapters 5,6 added
[Tech] MTB page - Updated
Dauntless page updated
[Dramatis] Fixed Personnel [FED] Valiant


19/10/04 -
Cascading Menu Updated
[Main Story] 10 Dawning Alliance Prologue & Chapters 1 to 4 added [WIP]
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder chapters 20 through 23 added [WIP]
[Backstory] Red Line by JPMwycombe added to MTB Tales, Complete

07/10/04 -
Site Index moved
Entry Page added
Flash Intro added
Fixed Contact Page [Background]

03/10/04- Contact Page Modified: Links to personal sites added: Horrorgraph of Chaos_eternus added.
[Backstory] Discontinuity Completed, Chapter 25
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder Chapters 18,19 added.
[Art] RSS Brittanica Image added
[Tech] Brittanica Page Added
[Tech] Merchant class moved to own page
[Tech] Minor Dauntless Page Update
Persephone Crew Page Updated.
[Dramatis] MTB01 Blastboat Crew Page Added
[Dramatis] Valiant (Federation Defiant Class) Crew Page Added

19/09/04 -
[Backstory] Discontinuity updated to chapter 20
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder - Chapter 17 Added
[Main Story] 4 Thundergate - All HTML files replaced
[Tech] 1-5 Shunter moved to own Page
[Tech] 1-4 Airhead moved to own page.

13/09/04 -
[TECH] Main Tech Page Minor Updates
[TECH] Thundersdawn Page Minor Update

05/09/04 - Updates Page Added
[Backstory] Discontinuity Chapters 11,12,13,14 Added
[Backstory] Colonial Thunder Chapters 13,14,15,16 Added
[ART] Knightwings Lancer Added
[TECH] 2-1 Striker Specs Moved to Own Page
[TECH] 1-6 Paladin Specs Moved to own page, Variants List Updated.
[TECH] Lancers File Updated
[TECH] Techspecs mainpage updated + Minor Fix
[TECH] Minor Fix Dauntless Class Page
[Dramatis] Personnel Pages added for 649 Squadron and Indefatigable
[Dramatis] Dramatis Personae main page updated.